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Taking the time to help out at church can be a great way to engage a community. In addition to truly improving the lives of others, engaging in charity can also provide a person with fulfillment and spiritual enrichment. Here are some great volunteer opportunities for any church members to participate in.

Providing Transportation

Many people struggle because they do not have a car or are too ill to drive themselves. Members of a church congregation who do have a vehicle can help out by providing transportation. In addition to driving members to the church, it can also be helpful to provide transportation for other reasons, such as running errands or visiting doctors. Try signing up for your church’s carpool schedule to help members as efficiently as possible.

ESL Instruction

Even the smallest cities often have immigrants who are still learning English. Contrary to popular belief, people do not have to be a trained teacher to help these immigrants better interact with those around them. Instead, just having someone to sit and chat with a person can help them improve their English. This makes it easier for people to get jobs, attend church services, and build a religious family.

Mentorship and Support

In most churches, pastors struggle to make time for all the people who need their help. There are countless members of the community who need grief counseling, mentorship, or visits while they are ill. Having volunteers step in to assist with emotional support can ensure that everyone gets the attention and sympathy they need, and it also makes the pastor’s job a little easier.

Fitness Classes

Right now, there is currently a public health crisis due to obesity. The simple act of teaching a fitness class can end up saving lives and improving overall wellbeing for community members. Consider setting up something fun and simple like a running club, or organize a fundraiser to pay for classes with a fitness instructor.

Creative Contributions

Church members with a creative side have all sorts of ways to get involved. Options include things like baking communion bread, painting murals to brighten up drab areas, or singing in the church choir. These contributions can make the church and the community into an uplifting environment for everyone.