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Joining with other believers in worship is an intrinsic part of the Christian experience for many. Although the Scriptures encourage the faithful to gather together, trips, sickness, business obligations, and other circumstances may prevent a believer from attending church in person. Without interaction, it doesn’t take long to feel disconnected from a local body.

Thanks to the internet, many ministries have tapped into a way for members to stay connected and a means to reach the world in a literal sense. At the same time, online services allow believers to “visit” multiple churches all over the globe from their laptops, SMART TVs, and phones. Check out these free resources for spiritual refreshment and inspiration at any time and any place:

Gateway Church

With several locations throughout Texas, Gateway Church hosts live services online every week. In addition to sermons by Pastor Robert Morrison, this ministry provides exciting online experiences for children and youth. Gateway has an app to help people stay connected to the ministry and partner with other believers in community outreach.

Christ Church

Christ Church, a multicultural fellowship in New Jersey, hosts several home worship weekend services accessible on Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV. Teachings offer insights on discipleship, finances, and marriage. With David Ireland as the lead pastor, the church also connects with believers through online prayer services and calls during the week as well as ministries for children and teens.

Church of the Highlands

Senior Pastor Chris Hodges of the Church of the Highlands invites people to discover God and their purpose to make a difference. With several campuses throughout Alabama, this ministry shows live webcasts and maintains an extensive online library of recorded sermons and podcasts. Mobile apps let you watch messages on-demand, go through the Bible in a year, and connect to local serving projects.

New Creation Church

Worship online with fellow Christians in Singapore at New Creation Church. Led by well-known speaker and author Joseph Prince, this ministry has a broad collection of sermons and resources available on its website and YouTube. The church hosts online care groups for fellowship opportunities, and its New Creation TV broadcasts services over multiple TV networks and radio stations throughout the US and the world.

If you wish to watch a live stream, follow the ministry’s instructions on how to view their services. Live streaming may not be available on certain devices. Whether you choose live or recorded, you can go to church wherever, whenever, and however often you want.