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During times of uncertainty, it is completely normal for humans to seek comfort because they are more inclined to feel lost and alone. Reassurance can be found in any number of ways. Some people turn towards religion because they have sought comfort there in the past.

A church is very much a community. People come together with other people who have the same values, and they lean on each other for support, no matter how tough things get. There will always be ups and downs in life, and the benefit of faith is the unwavering belief that we are here to learn and grow as a species. Each valuable life lesson exists for some reason. 

When we are suffering, it is important to lean on the things that not only sustain us and give us strength but to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way and can commiserate with us. Faith is not something that is backed up with hard evidence. It is an assumption we follow and trust is true, despite the lack of physical proof. Faith needs no empirical proof. It is a belief system that is founded in trust. 

Through worship, people feel a connection to God and their place within the universe. By following His plan and listening to his advice, people have a guidebook they can follow that makes the nonsensical make sense. Even seemingly awful events can serve a greater purpose when you surrender to the idea that God has a plan and we are all a part of it. There are many passages in the Bible that one can turn to for comfort, especially when times are scary and the future is uncertain. If you are already familiar with passages, sometimes it can be comforting to return to familiar ones to read again.

This era is an unprecedented time for all the citizens of Earth. We have barely been able to come up for air between the different challenges that we have been given. It is a test to our faith that we stay strong. When/if the next challenging wave hits, we will have our faith to keep us strong and face it together. The power of belief is stronger when backed by many.