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Of all the great ways to learn more about something in today’s day and age, podcasts are one of the most popular. Like books, they allow listeners to dive into someone else’s head, tell fantastic stories, or even educate you on a topic. Unlike books, you can listen to them while you travel, are working, or even while you’re at the gym. They’re more convenient than books as well because they’re often more bite-sized, with new episodes being released on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Podcasts exist for pretty much any topic you can think of as well, including faith, religion, and spirituality! Read on for a few great podcasts about faith!

Joel Osteen Podcast

Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria have a weekly show where they give advice suited for any individual, family, and community around the world. Joel has been preaching since 1999 when his father passed away, which led to him and his wife becoming full-time leaders at his father’s church. Over the years, Joel’s messages have spread far and wide with many individuals claiming his words have helped them lead better lives. Joel and Victoria use their show as a way of bringing encouragement and positivity to people’s lives, and it’s usually only 30 minutes an episode, allowing for great, bite-sized episodes that are easy to digest.

At Home With Sally

At Home with Sally is a great show for women who are looking for ways to improve how faith is involved in their lives. Host Sally Clarkson is a mother of four, an author of multiple bestselling books, and a mentor to women everywhere on how to better understand and love God while living a rich life full of faith. Sally’s show gives her the opportunity to encourage women to include God in their lives more and help them understand how he is present in our day to day lives, all through discussions and interviews with other like-minded individuals.

Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

If you’re looking for a show that teaches you how to apply the Bible to your everyday life as well as how to better serve the world around you, look no further than Joyce Meyer Radio. Joyce and her husband Dave began their nonprofit back in 1987 and are all about sharing God’s love through the many multimedia outlets available to us in today’s day and age, including TV, radio, TED talks and other forms of media. They have an overall goal of helping those in need by feeding and clothing communities who need assistance and spreading the words of the bible to people from all walks of life.