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Movies about faith and spirituality have long been associated with feel-good after school specials and Hallmark movies. There are, however, also major Hollywood blockbusters that tackle that same subject. Many are available for streaming in the comfort of your own home. 

Come Sunday was an official selection at the Sundance film festival. It’s about a worldly-renowned pastor who begins to question church doctrine and find his congregation turning on him. He struggles with a crisis of faith after deciding there is no real Hell. 

A Question of Faith brings together three different families who tragically come together after a horrible event. Despite the reasons why they meet, they are all able to find their faith with each other. 

Christian Mingle is a light-hearted comedy about a successful businesswoman who hasn’t practiced her faith in a while but who chooses to find Mr. Right on a Christian-based dating website. 

An Unfinished Life is the story of an elderly rancher who begrudgingly lives his day-to-day life with his loyal friend. He is visited by his widowed daughter-in-law and his grandchild who seek shelter from an abusive relationship. He is initially resentful, blaming her for his son’s accidental deather but a bond is eventually formed between everyone. 

God Bless the Broken Road addresses the subject of grief and recovery. A woman loses her military husband in Afghanistan and her faith disappears along with her insurmountable loss. As she tries to salvage her home while also being a suitable single parent. When a new potential love interest enters the fray, she is forced to make a decision that questions whether she ever truly believed in God at all. 

An Interview with God caters to the burning desire in all of us to have the chance for a face to face interview with The Almighty Himself. A journalist is given the opportunity to interview a man claiming to be God. The film does a great job of covering the questions that most of us would ask, given the chance. 

The Shack is a tale of loss and sadness but has a comforting message. After suffering an unbearable family tragedy, a father goes into intense depression and loses his faith and will to live. He is drawn to a shack far away with the summoning of a letter, where he meets a group of people who want to teach him life lessons and help him uncover the mystery behind the tragedy. His faith is restored even though the agonizing sadness will be with him forever.